We are pleased to offer the following therapy groups.  

Men's Sexual Addiction Recovery Group

These groups are for men in all stages of recovery from sexual addiction (regardless of specific type of behavior). The group is psycho-educational, process oriented, we integrate attachment repair along with healthy sexuality and partner empathy building.  We designed the group to be a safe environment where men can can gain insight, knowledge, and support in their journey to recovery. The group will utilize the Facing the Shadow and Recovery Zone workbooks authored by renown sex addiction expert, Patrick Carnes, Ph.D., as well as countless other resources from leading authors, researchers, therapists and leaders in recovery.

Every Tuesday- 7:00 -8:30 pm
Group fee is $200 per month payable at the beginning of the month.
For more information contact: Bruce Knight at 980-288-2396 or 980-288-3816, or email:

Partner's Group

If you have recently discovered that your husband/boyfriend has a sexual addiction, it can be very upsetting. Partners of sex addicts normally find themselves reeling once they discover their significant other has been hiding compulsive sexual behaviors.

Feeling confused is normal when you discover that the person you love is a sex addict. The confusion of sexual addiction is usually accompanied with all sorts of questions. How could he do this to me? What is sex addiction? Does this mean they’re crazy? Am I crazy? What should we do?

In the midst of all these questions, partners of sex addicts may start to feel alone and isolated. If you have children, you may feel the added pressure of having to figure out what is the best thing to do for your children and family.

Unfortunately, partners of sex addicts often find themselves feeling like invisible casualties because so much attention is directed at protecting the family and getting treatment for the sex addict. If you are wondering what you are going to do, consider coming to the Partners of Sexual Addiction Group as it is a safe and supportive atmosphere in which to heal. This group is based on the Carnes recovery model for partners and is facilitated by a counselor who has over 14 years years experience.

For more information contact: Jim Snyder at 9980.938.2000, or email:

Grace Healing Journey Group

This is a men's sex addiction recovery group with a special focus on spiritual formation. It will be an experiential, psycho-educational, process oriented group that utilizes Patrick Carnes's book "Facing the Shadows" and Craig Caswell's book "Shadows of the Cross (a Christian Companion)."

  • We are serious about getting well

  • We are consistent on establishing sobriety

  • We are committed to a lifestyle of recovery

  • We have fun, laugh, cry and share our fears

  • We are passionate about initiating and maintaining connection

  • We are intently focused on building the person while also addressing the problem

Group cost is $200 per month due at the beginning of the month.
For more information contact: Bruce Knight at 980-288-2396 or 980-288-3816, or email:

Couple’s Group coming in 2019