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Bruce Wayne Knight,

Team Process and Journey
Congratulations! You have exercised courage to do one of the scariest things you have ever done or you may be accustomed to this process. Whatever the case, I applaud your initiative. I will commit myself to being fully with you. The progress you make is determined by your investment and will probably take longer than you thought. Each step builds hope.

 Atmosphere of Acceptance and Security
In order to make this journey as effective as possible, I create an atmosphere in which I will honor your autonomy to make your own choices. You are created with inherent worth, period! I will listen to your story without judgment and “get you”. You, your efforts, and your expressed emotional state will always receive affirmation. In addition, you will experience me as real, honest, and authentic.

 My Background 
Born to a hard working couple, I grew up in a small Virginia town. After losing my dad at 12 and experiencing a turbulent adolescence, I found Christ and felt called into ministry. I completed a Bachelors and Master of Divinity program at Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary. I, my wife, and a team started a new church in NYC that continued for six years until I stepped down from leadership. That began a ping-pong recovery journey lasting 2 decades. We experienced a chaotic life until getting appropriate help. This arduous journey created a passion to give back and a platform of healing for those experiencing their own corner of hell.

My former training, experience, and 37 + years of marriage combined with a Master of Arts in Marriage and Family Therapy and certificate in Christian Sex Therapy prepared me for working with a wide range of issues. I began working with individuals, couples, and groups providing counseling for premarital, marital conflict resolution, intimacy issues, depression, anxiety, anger management, affair recovery, family of origin healing,  sexual addiction recovery, and spiritual formation.

Frame of Reference for Doing Therapy
My professional licenses include Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT) and Professional Counselor (LPC), I am a fully certified CSAT sex addiction therapist, CST certified Christian sex therapist, and pursuing certification as an emotionally focused therapist. I am also an ordained minister.

I view individuals in the context of their family of origin,am a passionate believer in “attachment theory” (how we bond), and work from a Judeo-Christian worldview. These guide my work with all my clients.   As God is the perfect model of attachment, there is shared fellowship, mutual love and respect, and positive accountability.  This is the foundation for the secure and safe atmosphere I facilitate in session. I look forward to joining you on your journey. Are you ready to take the first step?

Specialties: Sexual Addiction, Marital and premarital, Affair recovery and sex therapy

Bruce W. Knight
bruce@charlottetherapy.com | 704-870-0802 or 980-288-2396

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Jim-Snyder-Therapist-Charlotte-Therapy-2 copy.jpg

Jim Snyder,

Jim received his Masters of Arts in Counseling in 2008 from Colorado Christian University and has relocated from Colorado to North Carolina following God’s call to help. He enjoys working with men, women, and their families who struggle with the complex issues that people face these days.

Jim overcame his own sexual addiction in 2005 through the Holy Spirit and those individuals that were placed in his path. He knows what you are going through and how to help. By drawing on existential components and coupling them with cognitive behavioral perspectives, he is able to discover the deep rooted issues that are hindering growth.

Anxiety, depression, sexual integrity, passivity, masculine journey, spiritual formation, marriage, and calling.

Jim Snyder
jim@charlottetherapy.com  | 980-938-2000 

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Kendra acquired her Bachelors of Arts with a major of Psychology in 2011 and Masters of Social Work from Johnson C. Smith University in 2017. She was raised with a Christian background, understands spirituality inspires purpose and respects that everyone’s higher power is different, or people struggle with the belief in something greater than themselves. Her cultural competence, open-mindedness and willingness to be transparent keeps her humble.

Kendra has gone through her own grace healing journey from a traumatic childhood and turbulent adolescence to balancing being a young adult while raising her daughter as a single parent and pursuing the call God had on her life. Kendra’s personal experiences has allowed her to meet clients in the darkest places of their lives with empathy. She believes that accountability and encouragement are not only the key factors to changing the perception of a client’s situation, but also to propel them forward to obtain a healthy fulfilled life. She utilizes an integrative approach that incorporates crisis intervention, solution focused therapy, mindfulness training, and motivational interviewing.

Kendra has 8 years of mental health experience by working with individuals across the lifespan but specializes with those who’ve suffered from sexual trauma and substance abuse. She recognizes that any self-destructive behavior which negatively impacts one’s intimate relationships, daily life routines and overall physical well-being has an underlying cause. Her therapeutic approach is person-centered to provide the most effective services for those in need of guidance and support while going through life’s transitions. Kendra strives to attentively listen to clients, make them feel safe and help establish a positive sense of self-worth.

Kendra King
Kendra@charlottetherapy.com  | 704-313-8578

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